Twitter Ad Campaign Results

Results of my twitter ad campaign to promote Pics n Mix

Twitter Ad Campaign Results

As search engine algorithms are heavily biased against any type of new content, I decided I need to use paid ads to try and promote Pics n Mix. I started with a Twitter Ad Campaign and below is a description of the campaign, the results, and lessons learned.

Campaign Objective

Ad Groups:

I had two ad groups, one for Men aged 35 and over, and one for Women aged 35 and over. I used the same ad for both and also the same audience filters:

Keywords: jigsaw, puzzle, casual game

Locations: United Kingdom, United States

Languages: English

Platforms: Android – as Pics n Mix is only available on Android at the moment

Bid Strategy: Automatic

Pay by: Link click

Campaign Results

Total Spend: €40.00

Impressions: 8,621

Tweet Engagements: 93

Engagement Rate: 1.08%

Cost per Engagement: €0.43

Clicks: 76

Results (Link Clicks): 23

Results Rate: 0.27%

Cost per Result: €1.74

Ad Groups Results

Ad Group Impressions Results Cost per Result
Men 35+ 3,703 9 €2.22
Women 35+ 4,918 14 €1.43

Audience Filters

Filter Impressions Results Cost per Result
jigsaw 236 1 -
puzzle 1,758 3 -
casual game 3,041 10 €2.00
UK 2,271 3 -
USA 2,647 11 €1.82

Audience Filters

Age Range Impressions Results Cost per Result
30s 4,202 5 €1.98
40s 2,716 5 €0.47
50 + 4,006 8 €0.66

So, in summary, my ad was seen 8,621 times and 93 people engaged with it in some way. 76 people actually clicked on the tweet but only 23 people clicked on the link and visited the Pics n Mix page on Google Play. Sadly, none of them downloaded the game, which is not a failing of Twitter. If all of them had downloaded the game, my cost of acquisition would have been €1.74. That’s an awful lot of ads each player would have to watch and engage with for me to breakeven.

Lessons Learnt

I am going to run the same ad on Facebook with the same budget etc and see how the results compare. Although I could finesse the Facebook campaign based on the little I’ve gleaned from this campaign about who is most likely to engage with my ad, I want to compare like with like. And of course, I will post those results once the campaign has finished. I hope this helps an indie developer somewhere, I just wish I could offer a proven way to get your new app recognized.

Download Pics n Mix from Google Play