How to play Pics n Mix

The great new game from CodeJet.

How to play Pics n Mix

Pics n Mix is a puzzle game that will keep you captivated for hours. It’s quick and easy to learn, and the short video below explains everything you need to know.

Just choose a puzzle and click the Play button. Drag and drop the pieces to where you think they should be. If you have chosen “plus rotation” it means some of the pieces are flipped top to bottom or right to left. If you tap a piece once, it will flip from top to bottom. and if you double tap it, it will flip from left to right.

Download Pics n Mix from Google Play

Main buttons

Here’s a quick guide to the main buttons:

Button Action
Galleries Takes you to the list of galleries
Store Takes you to the store
Daily Reward Shows you your daily reward
Settings Takes you to the game's settings
Overlay Reveals the completed image
Flash Flashes the pieces that are not in the correct position
Hint Flashes a hint for your next move
Fun Fact Shows the fun fact about the image, and adds a gem to your gem store

Game Counters

Here’s a quick guide to the game counters: Game Counters Fact If you use up all of your overlays, flashes, or hints you can go to the store to buy more with the gems you’ve earned completing puzzles, collecting your daily reward, and reading the fun fact.

Daily Reward

And of course there’s a daily reward for regular players. Daily Reward

Download Pics n Mix from Google Play