Color Palettes for the Design Challenged

There are plenty of resources for those of us who can't see what goes with what

Color Palettes for the Design Challenged
image by Mike

For someone who doesn’t have an eye for color, fonts, themes and so on, the visual aspect of app development is always the most challenging for me. It probably doesn’t help having an older brother who is colorblind. Throughout my childhood I had to wear his hand-me-downs which were always some awful color that he thought was some trendy blue or green. I’m sure it’s left me with some color confusion.

Anyway, for the Pics n Mix app and website, I’ve chosen the Flat UI Palette v1 color pallet; it’s just one of fourteen color palettes from Flat UI Colors 2 by Ahmet Sulek.

To generate images and videos for my Facebook posts and tweets using the same color scheme I’ve found Canva very useful as you can save your brand colors, fonts, and logos to use in the hundreds of templates they have. I’m still exploring all the different features it has but it does make it easier for me to keep some consistency in the way I present Pics n Mix. The image above is the new splash screen for the Pics n Mix app created using Canva, which I admit isn’t amazing, but is way better than the first one I “designed”!

Download Pics n Mix from Google Play