Exhibition: Navigation

The word navigate comes from the Latin words for ship (navis) and to 'drive or guide' (agere). See how fast you can navigate your way through the puzzles in this exhibition.

The Compass
Minimum reward: 1
image by Ghinzo

The Compass

Prior to the introduction of the compass, geographical position and direction at sea were primarily determined by the sighting of landmarks, aided by the observation of the position of celestial bodies. The compass provided all-weather orientation for travelers, opening up trade routes that were formerly unnavigable. The first compasses were made of lodestone, a black magnetized iron ore, and were first used for navigation a thousand years ago.

Play this puzzle with the Pics n Mix app!


Pics n Mix is quick and easy to learn, and the short video below explains everything you need to know.

Just choose a puzzle and click the Play button. Drag and drop the pieces to where you think they should be. If you have chosen "plus rotation" it means some of the pieces are flipped top to bottom or right to left. If you tap a piece once, it will flip from top to bottom. and if you double tap it, it will flip from left to right.