Pics n Mix Puzzle Galleries

Welcome to the Pics n Mix Puzzle Galleries

Pics n Mix Puzzle Galleries

Pics n Mix has ten galleries, each with exhibitions full of puzzles. The galleries cover topics from Bodies to the Weather, with weird and wonderful things in between. So pick a subject that interests you and get playing.

Fur & Feathers

Fur & Feathers Whether they're wild, domesticated, or pets, animals are fascinating creatures, so we've put together incredible photos that show what magnificent creatures we share the planet with.


Nature Nature is defined as the natural Earth and the things on it and this gallery features the many amazing things to be found on planet Earth.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink We need them, we enjoy them, and in this gallery we have fantastic photos of all the things you love to eat and drink.


Travel From the daily commute to exploring far flung places travel photos bring the world to life. See how quickly you can navigate your way through these exhibitions.


Weather Weather is the state of the atmosphere and it affects our lives every day. It also creates amazing puzzle opportunities. Indulge yourself in these exhibitions of weather at its best and worst.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology Scientific knowledge is used to create new technologies, often allowing scientists to explore nature in different ways and make new discoveries. We showcase puzzles that explore these disciplines.


Water Water on our planet flows as liquid in rivers, streams, and oceans; is solid as ice at the Poles; and is gas in the atmosphere. We have exhibitions on water in all its forms.

Weird & Wonderful

Weird & Wonderful This gallery is an eclectic collection of topics that allow us to include some great puzzles that don't necessarily fit into our other galleries. We hope you enjoy them.

Sport & Speed

Sport & Speed This gallery has a variety of exhibitions looking at sport and speed from unusual viewpoints. See how fast you can complete them all.

Bodies & Gestures

Bodies & Gestures People and animals all have a body, and most can make gestures so take a tour through this gallery to uncover some great puzzles that capture different aspects of bodies and gestures.