About Pics n Mix

Pics n Mix is a switch puzzle game that will keep you captivated for hours. It is quick and easy to learn, and the different difficulty levels mean it can be played by young and old alike. The puzzles are grouped into exhibitions, which are about a particular topic, such as horses, colors, bicycles, cats of course, just about everything really! There are loads and loads to choose from. It is a non-violent game which we hope brings you hours of fun and facts.

You can choose how difficult you want the puzzle to be: 16, 36, or 64 pieces. It may not seem a lot but believe me 64 pieces is really tricky, and if you choose “plus rotation” some of the pieces are flipped top to bottom, or right to left, making it even harder.

There is an overlay button so you can how the completed puzzle picture looks, and the flash button shows you which pieces are in the correct place and the right way round. And if you get stuck you can click the hint button and it will flash a hint, either two tiles to switch, or one tile that needs flipping to be the correct way round.

You earn gems for completing each puzzle; the number of gems you earn depends on the difficulty level you select. You use these gems to buy more overlays, flashes, and hints. There is a fun fact about each puzzle picture that you can read before beginning the puzzle, and reading it earns you an extra gem.

Pics n Mix is the work of Mike, who didn’t want to create yet another shoot ‘em up or match 3 game, but something that explores the amazing world we live in. He is a self-taught programmer but no artist or graphic designer, which is a problem if you want to create a visually pleasing game. Thanks to the vision of sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay there are now thousands and thousands of truly free, amazing photographs for everyone to use. They solve the problem of sourcing great artwork, and hopefully the Pics n Mix app does them justice. All the artists whose work is used in Pics n Mix are credited, but if someone feels they have been missed out, do let us know.